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Notable Events, Moments and People In History

Random Moments In Time

April 4, 1930: Andrew Sandham makes Test Cricket 1st triple century
March 1, 1987: Jane Geddes wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
May 1, 1776: Adam Weishaupt founds secret society of Illuminati
November 10, 1967: KXNE TV channel 19 in Norfolk, NB (PBS) begins broadcasting
July 15, 1960: Baltimore Orioles' Brooks Robinson goes 5 for 5 including the cycle

Events That Made History Today - August 17

682 - St. Leo II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1180 - Yoritomo Minamoto leads uprising against emperor Kiyomori Taira
1498 - Cardinal Borgia renounced his vows and office to marry a French princess
1544 - Imperial/English armies occupy Saint-Dizier France
1563 - King Charles IX of France (13) declared an adult
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - August 18

410 - King Alarik I's Visigoten occupies and plunders Rome
1289 - Pope Nicolaus IV publishes degree "Supra montem"
1564 - Spanish king Philip II joins Council of Trente
1572 - King Navarra Henri de Bourbon marries Margaretha van Valois
1605 - Spanish army under of general Spinola conquerors Lingen
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Events That Made History Yesterday - August 16

1290 - Charles van Valois weds Margaretha van Anjou
1465 - Battle at Montlhery
1513 - Battle at Eguinegatte/Guinegate: Maximilian and Henry III beat France
1570 - King Janos Sigismund Zapolyai signs secret treaty with Maximilian II
1625 - Earnest Casimir of Nassau-Dietz appointed viceroy of Drenthe
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1743 - The Year That Was

February 3: Philadelphia establishes a "pesthouse" to quarantine immigrants
February 8: Comet C/1743 C1 approaches within 0.0390 AUs of Earth
March 5: 1st U.S. religious journal, The Christian History, published, Boston
March 14: 1st American town meeting (Boston's Faneuil Hall)
March 23: English premiere of Handel's "Messiah"
March 23: George Frideric Handel's oratorio "Messiah" premieres in London
June 27: English defeat French at Dettingen
July 18: 1st half-page newspaper ad is published (New York Weekly Journal)
August 10: Earliest recorded prize fighting rules formulated
August 14: Prussian army occupies Saksen, beginning 2nd Silezian War
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