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Random Moments In Time

March 2, 1993: Salman Rushdie divorces Marianne Wiggins
December 15, 1919: Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Aria da Capo," premieres in New York City
June 4, 1989: Gas explodes near 2 passenger trains in U.S.S.R., kills 100s
September 11, 1645: Thomas Fairfax' New Model-army occupies Bristol
March 1, 1982: New York Times raises it's price from 25 cents to 30 cents

Events That Made History Today - September 23

951 - Otto I the Great becomes king of Italy
1122 - Concord of Worms
1408 - Battle of Othee
1513 - King Henry III and Emperor Maximilian conquer Doornik
1561 - King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - September 24

312 - Start of Imperial Indication
366 - Liberius ends his reign as Catholic Pope
673 - Synod of Hertford opens; canons made for English Church
787 - 2nd Council of Nicaea (7th ecumenical council) opens in Asia Minor
1493 - Columbus' 2nd expedition to New World
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Events That Made History Yesterday - September 22

530 - Boniface II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
530 - [Discorus] begins his reign as Catholic Pope
530 - St. Felix IV ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1504 - Settle engagement of Karel of Luxembourg and Claudia the Beaujeu
1504 - Treaty of Blois: Philip van Bourgondie and Maximilian I and Louis XII
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23 - The Year That Was

50: Greek geographer Strabo publishes Geography, a work covering the world known to the Romans and Greeks at the time of Emperor Augustus - it is the only such book to survive from the ancient world.
50: Tiberius' son Julius Caesar Drusus dies. From that point forward, he seems to lose interest in the Empire and occupies himself with the pursuit of pleasure.
50: Liu Xuan, a descendant of the Han Dynasty royal family and leader of insurgents against the Xin Dynasty, proclaims himself emperor against Wang Mang.

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