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Notable Events, Moments and People In History

Random Moments In Time

May 31, 1961: Benfica wins 6th Europe Cup 1 at Bern
August 3, 1970: Hurricane "Celia" becomes most expensive Gulf storm in history
January 18, 1967: 20th NHL All-Star Game: Montreal beat All-Stars 3-0 at Montreal
September 17, 1991: U.N. admits Estonia, Latvia, Lithuiania, North and South Korea, Marshall Islands and Micronesia
June 10, 1905: 1st forest fire lookout tower placed in operation, Greenville, Maine

Events That Made History Today - May 28

640 - Severinus begins his reign as Catholic Pope (elected in 638)
1037 - German emperor Koenraad II removes "Constitutio the Feudis"
1156 - Battle at Brindisi: King Willem of Sicily beats Byzantine fleet
1349 - 60 Jews murdered in Breslau Silesia
1358 - Daint-Leu at Oise begins French boer uprising
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - May 29

526 - Antioch struck by Earthquake; about 250,000 die
757 - St. Paul I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1138 - Anti-Pope Victor IV (Gregorio) overthrows self for Innocentius II
1167 - Lombard League defeat Frederick Barbarossa at Battle of Legnano
1176 - Battle at Legnano: Lombardi League beats Frederik Barbarossa
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Events That Made History Yesterday - May 27

1281 - Flemish Earl Gwijde Dampierre takes financial responsibility of Brugge
1328 - French king Philip VI Valois crowned
1529 - 30 Jews of Posing Hungary, charged with blood ritual, burned at stake
1660 - Denmark and Sweden sign ceasefire
1679 - Habeaus Corpus Act (no false arrest and imprisonment) passes in UK
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579 - The Year That Was

July 30: Benedict I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
November 26: Pelagius II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

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