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Random Moments In Time

October 20, 1953: WRAU (now WHOI) TV channel 19 in Peoria, IL (ABC) begins broadcasting
October 15, 1970: Baltimore Orioles beat Cincinnati Reds, 4 games to 1 in 67th World Series
October 7, 1958: Potter Stewart appointed to U.S. Supreme Court
December 17, 1962: Beatles 1st British TV appearance (People and Places)
July 19, 1870: France declares war on Prussia; Franco-Prussian war begins

Events That Made History Today - December 13

863 - Boudouin with the Iron Arm weds Charles de Kales' daughter Judith
1294 - Pope Coelestinus V ends term
1545 - Council of Trent (19th ecumenical council) opens
1545 - Pope Paul III opens council of Trente
1570 - Sweden/Denmark signs Peace of Stettin
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Events That Made History Tomorrow - December 14

644 - Osman ibn Affan appointed 3rd kalief of islam
867 - Adrian II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
872 - John VIII elected as Catholic Pope
1124 - Theobald Buccapecus elected Pope Coelestinus II (he refuses)
1287 - Zuider Zee seawall collapses with loss of 50,000 lives
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Events That Made History Yesterday - December 12

627 - Battle at Nineveh: Byzantine emperor Heraclius beats Perzen
1098 - 1st Crusaders capture and plunder Mara Syria
1474 - Isabella crowns herself queen of Castilie and Aragon
1479 - Jews are expelled from Schlettstadt Alsace by Emperor Frederick III
1524 - Pope Clement VII approves Organization of Jewish Community of Rome
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102 - The Year That Was

50: Trajan returns to Rome after a successful campaign against Dacia, through which he reestablishes clear Roman sovereignty over Decebalus.
50: The presence of sugar in the urine is interpreted as a sign of illness in India.

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